Blackstar - AcousticCore 30w Acoustic Amp


Blackstar - AcousticCore 30w Acoustic Amp


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ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 is the new benchmark in compact easy-to-use acoustic amplification: for the way you play today. The most natural sounding acoustic tones ever with the power and flexibility of Blackstar’s world-beating CORE digital platform. This take-anywhere acoustic amp is designed for the way you play today: streaming, recording, practice or live. Its unique Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls make it simple to get a professional sound and the Super Wide Stereo will inspire your acoustic and vocal creativity.

Proprietary Super Wide Stereo technology with Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls provide a rich, deep and spatial acoustic and vocal sound, delivering an inspirational professional live sonic experience.

Designed by the same team that developed the awardwinning Sonnet Acoustic Amplifier Series, decades of design experience distilled into one compact and convenient acoustic package.

Professional features for live, home and studio use – 3 channels, livestreaming connectivity, USB recording and studio quality effects.

Simple, high quality live streaming via a TRRS cable.

Feature packed: Multi-input (microphone, instrument, Line In), 4-channel USB audio, D.I. output and more.

30W (2x15W Super Wide Stereo)

Instrument Channel with Low/High EQ

Mic/Line Channel with Low/Mid/High EQ

Instrument Enhance

Mic/Line Vocal Clarity

Effects Instrument Channel - 2 chorus (Vintage and Wide), 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo

Effects Mic/Line Channel - 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo

Super Wide Stereo

XLR D.I. Output

Phase Feedback Suppression

Speaker Emulated output

Line Out / Headphones

Line In

TRRS Streaming

USB Audio

FS-18 Footswitch (Inst. Ch. Chorus on/off, global Reverb effect on/off)

Tilt-back Stand

PA Stand Mountable (with optional SA-2 adaptor)

2x5" Speakers

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