Flight - TUC-40 Mandala Concert Travel Ukulele


Flight - TUC-40 Mandala Concert Travel Ukulele



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Flight TUC-40 MW

Concert Travel Ukulele with Mandala Wood Print

Designed with an arched ABS back, the Flight TUC has more volume than the average concert ukulele, and it resonates freely with a bright, punchy sound. In addition, the ukulele is durable and resistant to humidity changes, which have damaged many wood ukuleles over the years.

Bright and funky

Linden Wood with Beautiful Print

The TUC-40 uses laminate linden wood for the sound board. Linden is characterized by a bright sound.  The TUC-40 MW MANDALA features a geometric configuration of symbols similar to those found in Eastern spiritualism.

Let's play

ABS Neck & Fingerboard

The neck and fingerboard of this ukulele are made from ABS plastic.   The TUC is resistant to changes in climate conditions and is easy to clean and maintain.  You will never experience  a sharp fret or bent neck with any of our Travel ukuleles.   The surface of the ABS neck has a wood pattern, which offers a better tactile experience than smooth plastic.

Pitch perfect quality.

Zero fret & ABS Saddle

A zero fret paired with unique bridge construction keeps the string action low and intonation on point. Since the plastic is never going to react to climate conditions, you will never have to adjust the action on your ukulele.

Fasten your seat belts.

Black strap button

The rounded back of the Flight Concert Travel Ukulele could slide as you play the ukulele.  To address this issue, a strap button was added to the ukulele so that you can add a strap.  Flight offers a variety of excellent straps at a great price.

It all starts with the head.

Good-looking and easy to tune.

All Flight ukuleles feature a carefully-designed headstock fitted with geared tuners that make it easy to keep your ukulele in tune.  The headstock veneer is made of linden and matches the soundboard.

Denim Style

Always ready to go

The Travel Ukulele Series includes a light gig bag to make the ukulele easier to carry and to protect the strings during travel.  The blue color is stylish and stands out from the black gig bags used by most players.

Instructional booklet

Learn in style

We have designed an eight page guidebook to help you begin your journey on the road to future ukulele fame. It is packed with all the necessary information needed for a quick start including chord charts, strumming patterns and chord progressions for your first drills.

As you advance in your ukulele playing, share your progress with the world, and be sure to tag Flight Ukuleles in your posts, on whatever social media platform that you use.

Every Flight Ukulele also includes a sticker pack, so you can show your love of the ukulele and that you have an awesome Flight ukulele in your collection!

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