Flight - TUS-40 Mandala Soprano Travel Ukulele


Flight - TUS-40 Mandala Soprano Travel Ukulele



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Flight Travel Ukuleles have proven to be one of the best and most robust ukuleles that you can purchase, and Flight continues to expand the number of choices that are available in the series.  The Flight TUS40 Mandala Wood Travel Ukulele is so special that it will always hold a special place in your heart. The mandala wood design points back to the geometric art of Eastern Spiritualism which helps the practitioner focus and create a sacred space around them. It doesn’t matter where you are, this travel ukulele will ensure, whenever you practice, that your space in the here and now is your own.


Every tiny detail matters.


Scale: Soprano (15 frets)

Top: Laminate Linden Wood

Back & Side: ABS

Bridge: ABS

Color: Geometric Patterns

Strings: Aquila Super Nylgut

Strap Button: Included


Neck: ABS

Fretboard: ABS

Nut & Saddle: ABS

Nut Width: 35,6mm


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets.

Premium Features: Zero Fret, Wooden Top, Arched back, Open Geared Tuners, ABS Fretboard, Side Position Markers, Strap Button, Aquila Super Nylgut Strings.

The Soprano Travel Ukulele is available in wide variety of colors and various patterns.

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