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Boss - GA-FC - Footswitch



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It's all at your feet

If you own a Roland or Boss amp, this footswitch will unlock its full potential. Simply connect it to your amp you you get full control of the channel and effects selection, without taking your hands off you guitar. The footswitches can be used to easily change between the four channels of your amp, or they can be used to turn on or off different effects such as boosters, modulation, delay or reverb. They can also be used to control the tap tempo and FX loop of the amp.

But there's more. If you want to have real time control of your amps volume and drive, you can connect any compatible footswitch to the corresponding 1/4 inch input and use it to control that function. This gives you total creative freedom to alter your sound of your amp while you play - something you can't do without this controller. With easy switching and flexible control, this is the ultimate accessory that will transform your amp.

Stage ready

Strong and durable. Boss products are well known for their endless reliability, and the Boss GA-FC is no exception. With a robust design and high quality switches you can be sure that this footswitch will perform gig after gig. Not only is it built like a tank, it also has bright LED indictor lights to show you which channel or effect you have selected. This is incredibly useful when performing on dark stages. A true gigging solution.

Compatible Amps

  • Blues Cube Artist
  • Blues Cube Artist 212
  • Blues Cube Tour
  • CUBE-80GX
  • CUBE-40GX
  • GA-212
  • GA-112
  • KATANA-100/212
  • KATANA-100
  • Acoustic Singer Pro
  • Acoustic Singer Live
  • Nextone Artist
  • Nextone Stage
  • Nextone Special
  • WAZA Tube Amp Expander

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