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M.C. Electronics -

Based on the Music Centre premises, MC Electronics is run by Mick Newman who has been in the business for 30 years. His past clients include Hughes & Kettner, Engle, Eminence loudspeakers, Light and Sound Design, Monacor UK and many more. He also was responsible for the servicing and repair of Hughes & Kettner’s artist support equipment which catered to artists such as Elton John, The Stereophonics, Bon Jovi, Andrew WK and Meatloaf. Mick also has a background as a professional musician hailing back to the “eighties” when he played in EMI signed rock band Tobruk, recording albums in both the USA and UK so he understands the musician’s requirements. We have a large customer base in the Bedfordshire area and provide equipment and support to numerous schools, pubs & clubs as well as individuals with customers including…

  • LA Fitness
  • Venice gym
  • Bedford Modern
  • Bedford school
  • The High school
  • Sharnbrook upper school
  • Wootton upper school
  • Mark Rutherford
  • Biddenham upper school
  • The Lounge
  • Time Out
  • Esquires
  • The Angel
  • The Pad
  • The Lounge
  • George & Dragon

Need a repair?

We will repair most equipment whether it be DJ, PA, band, hi-fi and more. If you need something repaired and aren’t sure if we do it, get in contact with us!

Guitars and Amplifiers

We also perform electrical repairs, install pick ups and customise guitars as well as specialising in repairing and servicing vintage valve amplifiers and have many “new old stock components” which helps to retain the originality of the amplifier.


We have a good supply of spare parts, including… Valves We have a good stock of all the common valve types as well as some not so common ones! Speakers We have over 200 replacement speakers in stock! Cable Speaker, guitar, mic, mains, star quad, phono and many other types of cable! Connectors XLR, Speakon, Jack, Phono and more… 1000s in stock!


We install both PA and lighting equipment and can also provide help with environmental issues, by offering a service for sound level testing and/or providing limiting or cut off systems. We can also provide on site help for existing equipment.


  • Speakers
  • Monitors
  • Graphic Equalisers
  • Amplifiers
  • High Quality Monitors
  • Effects Units
  • Microphones
  • Radio/Wireless Microphones
  • Rack Units
  • DJ Equipment
  • Smoke Fluid
  • Mic Stands
  • Lighting
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Speaker Stands
  • Multi-Cores
  • Lighting Stands
  • Mixers
  • Crossovers
  • Cables

Direct Line - 01234 349593