Instrument Repairs and Servicing

We offer a host of on-site options for repairs and servicing of instruments and equipment.

We repair most stringed instruments including guitars, bass guitars and violins. From simple restrings to fret work and headstock breaks. We also provide, fit and tune drum heads, we can also cut holes for bass drum mics.

Example pricing as follows;

Guitar/bass/ukulele/violin restring - £10 plus strings.

Guitar set up - Restring, truss rod, bridge height, intonation - £30 plus strings (locking trem, electro-acoustic + £5)

Fret dress £55

Headstock break - £40

New bone nut , hand cut from blank - £35

For pick up fitting, pot change, wiring issues and all electronic and amplification repairs and servicing please contact MC Electronics 01234 349593