Bosphorus - 17” Gold Fast Crash Cymbal - Ex-Display

x-display cymbal with some fingernmarks etc. May have been hit a few times but never used as a demo model.

Combines the “old world” warmth of handmade cymbals with the power, projection, and durability needed in contemporary settings. Handmade with a modern sound. Bright, crisp and clean without sounding harsh or brittle. Bosphorus Fast Crashes offer great projection with a faster decay. Great for pop and rock or any situation where you want a bright, modern sounding cymbal. The Gold Series is a must for any musical situation where powerful focused cymbals are required.

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Each Gold Series cymbal is hand hammered, then buffed to a brilliant finish. The weights of the Gold Series rides offer maximum response with plenty of projection. The crashes are explosive and cutting, yet warm. The hats offer a clear powerful chick sound with a bright splash. Listen to these amazing cymbals at