Boss - FS-6 Switchable Momentary/Latch Dual A/B Footswitch

Boss FS-6 Features: Both footswitches can be independently assigned as latch-type or momentary-type Stereo input jack for single stereo cable connection Can be connected to other footswitches (FS-5L/FS-5U/FS-6/AB-2) for extension Connect to a wide variety of instruments, rhythm machines, guitar amps, and electronic devices that have control input jacks compatible with FS-5L/FS-5U

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Two switches in one, the Boss FS-6 combines the FS-5L (latch-type) and FS-5U (momentary-type) technology into one unit. With two switches side-by-side, the Boss FS-6 allows you to select either latch or momentary mode for each switch. Choose the configuration that best suits your playing style and setup.