Intellitouch - WT-1 Freedom One Wireless Pedal Tuner

Intellitouch WT-1 Freedom One Wireless Pedal Tuner

The Freedom One has two components: A compact wireless transmitter that plugs directly into a standard 1/4 inch output jack on a guitar or bass, and a pedal tuner with a 1/4 inch output that connects to an amplifier or other effects pedals.

Effective range is 30 feet - plenty to cover most performance stages and practice rooms.

Transmitter battery life is approximately 10 hours on a single AAA battery.

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Wireless System and Pedal Tuner all in one!

Digital Wireless Link for Guitar and Bass

The Wireless Receiver is Built into a Pedal Tuner (World’s First!) Pure 2.4Ghz, 24-bit, 48Ksps Digital Audio Mojo 30 Foot Range!

10 hour transmitter battery life from 1 AAA!