Mapex - SV504XB Saturn V Exotic Club Fusion - Natural Maple Burl

Saturn is a shell that won’t rest on its laurels. Its look, its tone, its robust construction have made it the only touring & recording choice for a community of professional drummers around the globe.

Now, with the addition of the SONICLEAR bearing edge, the SATURN’S walnut shell has been enhanced to offer easier tuning, improved contact between edge and head,a fuller, more rounded tone with a deeper, darker pitch.

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A kit is often defined by it’s bass drum but with the Saturn, every bass drum demands attention, no matter the dimension. This compact 20x16 kick delivers a mid-low punch without too much deep ‘boom’, ideal if you want crystal clear definition from your sound. The ‘short stack’ 10x7 & 12x8 rack toms are fast to attack, quick to decay so they’re in and out as the square sized 14x14 floor tom drives the low end with projection and thud

Please note this is a shell pack. Cymbals, snare drum and hardware are for illustrative purposes only. The shell pack includes -

20x16 Bass Drum,

10x7 tom,

12x8 tom,

14x14 floor tom

TH692C tom holder