Meinl - Benny Greb Pack - 20” Sand Ride & 14” Sand Hats

Buy this pack and get extra savings on both cymbals! These are the signature cymbals of Benny Greb, one the the fastes rising stars of the drum world.
The Sand Ride’s sandblasted top combined with the partially lathed bottom produce an outstanding dry and fast stick sound with a very quick decay. The bell has a clear, bright and articulate voice.

The sandblasted surface, various hammering techniques, and noticeable weight difference between the top and bottom cymbals combine on the Byzance Sand Hats to create an unmistakably crispy and articulate sound.

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Byzance Vintage Series cymbals are traditionally made from B20 bronze alloy and feature innovative designs with unconventional yet unique sounds. Made for drummers who are looking for a truly individual sound in order to express musicality to its fullest. Distinct pieces of art with stunning sound characteristics.

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