Meinl - Byzance - Big Apple - Jazz Ride 20”

Specially developed ride which meets the requirements of traditional old school jazz music. A smaller bell and distinctive large bow offers a sweet, pearly and full-bodied ping with a long shimmering sustain.

Feature Jazz Big Apple Ride
New York City, a.k.a. the “Big Apple”. The epicenter of Jazz. New York City has had a love affair with Jazz, the story of which is legendary. That’s why it’s the perfect inspiration for the Byzance Jazz Series Big Apple Ride, a cymbal that captures the history, culture and tradition of all the great Jazz drummers who’ve spent time swinging in the “Big Apple”.

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Product Details

•Character: Complex, Musical

•Volume: Low
•Sustain: Short
•Shaping: Hand hammered
•Pitch: Low
•Material: B20 Bronze Alloy
•Timbre: Dark
•Finish: Traditional
•Diameter: 20”
•Weight: Thin
•Styles: Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro