Meinl - MB8 Effects Cymbal Set

The Mb8 Matched Cymbal Set includes a 10” Splash, an 18” china. IT comes with a free cymbal attachment mini boom arm.

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The Mb8 cymbals prove MEINL’s long-time know-how and competence in manufacturing cymbals out of B8 bronze alloy. They offer the best possible sound of a B8 bronze in combination with an outstanding look and performance. The cutting, explosive and crystal clear sound sets a new standard of cymbal sounds.

  • B8 Bronze Alloy
  • High-tech computerized hammering
  • Precise with high energy levels

14” Medium Hihats - Powerful feeling with an exceptionally clear voice. Precise and sharp chick sound for articulate playing. 16” Medium Crash - Aggressive, energetic sound with shimmery highs and a responsive feel. Powerful attack with medium sustain.. 20” Medium Ride - Classic rock ride cymbal with an extreme clear and defined ping. Big bell offers a glassy, penetrating and full-bodied sound. The preferred ride cymbal of some world-class drummers! Check out these great cymbals at