Meinl - Mike Johnston Byzance 21” Transition Ride

​The new signature ride from renowned drummer and educator Mike Johnston. Perfect transition from articulate sticking to wide open crashing while never loosing the stick definition. Clear sticking and a present, but not overpowering, bell. Outstanding versatile ride cymbal.

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The Transition ride has an unlathed and slightly polished top for clear sticking and a present but not overpowering bell. The bottom is lathed and polished to a brilliant finish which allows the ride to move through various dynamic levels with control over the degree of clarity and level of wash.

I‘ve always wanted a ride that would have amazing tone and stick definition when played on top and would also swell into a beautiful crash as I began to open up and bash,“ says Mike Johnston about his signature Meinl cymbal. “The transition Ride does exactly that. One of my favorite things about playing it is how quick the decay is when your done bashing and ready to play something that requires intense clarity. Being able to seamlessly transition between riding and crashing makes this a massively versatile cymbal. The bell on The Transition ride is also very special. It was designed to sound like a belled version of the actual ride. When playing the bell, the rest of the cymbal is activated and a smooth shimmer start to support your sound.