Meinl - Soundcaster Fusion Cymbal Pack inc Hardcase

The Soundcaster Fusion Matched Cymbal Set includes a 14ΓÇØ Medium Hihat, a 16ΓÇØ Medium Crash, a 20ΓÇØ Medium Ride and a FREE Professional Cymbal Case.

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The Soundcaster Fusion finish has an outstanding look. It combines two different finishes in one cymbal. The lathed surface section effects a thinner edge due to its close lathing compared to the unlathed, brilliant finish area at the middle of the cymbal. These different material thicknesses effect a warm and shimmering sound with an enhanced wash. 14” Medium Hats - Smooth and voluminous open hihat sound with a defined chick. Wide dynamic spectrum with a warm character. 16” Medium Crash - Full frequency spread with an enhanced shimmer. Combination of an outstanding warm character and a clear sound. 20 Medium Ride - Defined, solid stick attack with a strong bell due to the unlathed surface. Outside lathed edge increases spread with a medium sustain. Hear these great cymbals at