Pearl - EXX Export 14” x 5.5” Snare Drum - Smokey Chrome

The Pearl Export drum kits have been incredibly popular for decades now. In 2013, Pearl fitted the series with new hardware, which is also featured on the EXX1455S/C21 Export snare drum. The smaller lugs make minimal contact with the shell, allowing for optimal resonance, while the 6-ply poplar and Asian mahogany construction remains unchanged, still granting this 14 x 5.5” snare great volume and very direct response. Finally, this particular model sports a Smokey Chrome finish.

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Superior Shell Technology Export drum kits are made according to Pearl’s proprietary Super Shell Technology process. The wood is thoroughly inspected before it’s precision-milled to size, after which the different plies are glued together using Pearl’s Acoustiglue, which takes on the consistency of the wood itself after it dries.