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Tsakalis Audioworks - Six - Analog Booster-Overdrive-Distortion Pedal

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Tsakalis Audioworks - Six - Analog Booster-Overdrive-Distortion Pedal



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Booster – Overdrive – Distortion

  For many years we have wanted to create a truly mind blowing overdrive – distortion pedal that would be small and practical yet would offer huge powerful tones, natural feel and flexibility. And of course to do that we needed reference. So we decided to combine all the good stuff found in the legendary pedals Timmy™, Blues Breaker™ and KOT™, and try to come up with that extra something that would take things even further.

 After a long period of modifying and prototyping and countless hours of testing and swapping ICs, capacitors and diodes, we finally had something really good in our hands. But it wasn’t enough…

 Not willing to stop experimenting until we had a pedal that would really speak to us in the studio and on stage, we decided to completely nerd out and try some unconventional methods. It was during this process that we discovered something really innovative!

  Looking for that magic ingredient, we decided to think out of the box and removed all the capacitors from the audio path (coupling capacitors), which resulted in a more natural feel than ever before and respect to the original tone of the guitar without any added compression or color that would be coming from the coupling capacitors.

 By applying what we call cap-less technology®, you can really hear the character of your instrument and consequently your own hands!

We are very proud to introduce the first cap-less® pedal called Six!

  The name of the pedal comes from its six different modes, select-able by the 6 position rotary switch:

Booster (BS)

Overdrive 1 (OD1)

Overdrive 2 (OD2)

Distortion 1 (DS1)

Distortion 2 (DS2)

Overdrive 1 into Distortion 2 (OD1 + DS2)

 The Six BOD is powered by a 9V supply (center-), and features an advanced internal power supply with a voltage doubler, letting you choose 9V or 18V be the dedicated toggle switch. Just like with tube amps, increasing the voltage means more headroom. At 18V, the pedal behaves more like an amplifier with tons of headroom and a slight difference in the Overdrive and Distortion modes, which tend to have more clarity. At 9V it sounds “dirtier” even at lower volume and in Booster mode it starts to break up more easily.


Handmade in Athens, Greece

True Bypass

6 modes of Booster-Overdrive-Distortion select-able by a rotary switch

Toggle switch for 9V – 18V

1 Heavy Duty On/Off Foot-switch

Power supply : 9V Boss-type DC adapter (center -). Using 10V or more may cause sever damage to the pedal and void the warranty

Max power consumption : 10mA @ 9V DC

Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box

Dimensions : 60mm(Width) x 112mm(Length) x 50mm(Height)

T.A.W. Limited Life-Time warranty

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