Hidersine - HEV2 Electric Violin Outfit


Hidersine - HEV2 Electric Violin Outfit

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Hidersine HEV2 Electric Violin

The HEV2 electric violin by Hidersine is an excellent option for students and established players who wish to practise quietly, using headphones to enjoy the full sound.

However, when plugged into an amplifier, the possibilities are endless. Not only will your electric violin sound like a regular acoustic instrument, but you could plug into your tablet or PC to record, or use third-party software to add countless effects.

Supplied as an outfit, the Hidersine HEV2 is complete with a quality bow, and supplied in a rectangular protective case.

An instrument with many possibilities:

Hidersine’s HEV2 delivers a fantastic tone when amplified or when using headphones, as it will sound just like a regular violin. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

You want to practise at a much lower volume than a conventional violin? No problem, just pop on a pair of headphones or earbuds and play to your hearts content with minimal audible acoustic tone.

Want to play loud and proud? Then plug the violin into an amplifier and crank it up.

Want to experiment with your sound? Then use some guitar effects pedals or an app on your phone to add effects to your violin playing for awesome results.

 Suitable for all levels of musician:

Although a fantastically useful tool for a violin student, the Hidersine HEV2 is not solely for use in this context.

As the violin is built to high standards, observing the traditional scale and construction of acoustic violins, any player of any standard can pick it up and play immediately.

Proficient players can choose this instrument as a backup or additional tool in their musical arsenal, choosing to use the HEV2 as an experimentation tool. 

Perhaps you fancy busking, but don’t fancy taking your vintage violin out on the streets. Just grab a small amp and your HEV2 and you’re all set.

 Contemporary look, traditional heart.

Although the Hidersine HEV2 is a modern-looking violin, it is built to the same exacting standards as an acoustic instrument of the same level.

The body is made of birch, which helps produce a good resonant tone when amplified. The birch body however has a veneer of flamed maple on the top and back which echoes the look of the hollow maple bodies of acoustic violins.

The pegs, fingerboard and chinrest are made of genuine ebony. The use of ebony has long been a mark of a quality violin, as ebony is an excellent hardwood which can withstand the strain of high tension strings for a very long time. Therefore, not only with the fittings look and feel authentically traditional, they will last a lifetime of wear – unlike those instruments that use inferior wood, painted black to look like ebony.

 Your Playing, Amplified:

Using a ‘Piezo’ pickup located under the maple bridge of the violin, the Hidersine Electric Violin will reliably capture every nuanced detail of your playing style, whether audible externally through an amplifier or played discreetly through headphones.

On one side of the instrument are the outputs – a 6.35mm large jack output for use with most instrument amps, and a 3.5mm mini-jack for use with headphones. 

On the other side is a preamp, where volume is controlled along with bass and treble EQ controls. The battery compartment for the preamp is located in the back of the instrument, and this requires a PP3 (square) 9v battery to operate.



Body: Birch with Flamed Maple Veneer

Finish: Gloss with amber stain

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Genuine Ebony

Tuning Pegs: Genuine Ebony

Chin Rest: Genuine Ebony

Tailpiece: Carbon Composite

Bridge: Maple


Pickup Type: Piezo under-bridge

Preamp: Active (9v) with Volume and 2 band EQ

Output 1: 6.35mm Jack output

Output 2: 3.5mm Headphone output

Includes 9v Battery


Rectangular Formed Styrofoam

Internal Accessory Compartments

Handles and Backstraps


Bulletwood, high quality bow

Genuine Horsehair with Nickel fittings

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